Since 1986, Orchid Restaurant on 120 Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, has been a landmark establishment in the Dublin restaurant scene. Over those years, we have exceeded our clients expectations to produce modern tasteful menus with the best of season locally sourced ingredients .Our chefs and serving staffs, are dedicated to offer you the best experience you could expect from the finest restaurant in the area.

If you are looking for exceptional service and quality, we would like to invite you to browse our menus and wine list.

In China, a meal is a social event to be experienced with others, the principles of Chineses cuisine entrenched in a theory of harmony, dictating that all facets are stimulated equally. A balance of tastes, textures, fragrances and colours are presented in a way that enhance and accent the other.

Our traditional techniques with the use of fresh local ingredients, are geared towards healthy living through low sodium dishes that do not contain MSG without compromising on taste.